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            1. Coal based Thermal Power stations of 1260 MWs need about 28,000 tonnes of coal a day. At an efficiency of 35%, they give out 3000MWs to 5000MWs of heat directly into the atmosphere, apart from ash and other pollutants released into the atmosphere. A Thermal Power Station releases more Radio-active material (directly into the atmosphere) than a Nuclear Power Station.

(12,000MWs—i.e. three Ultra Mega Watt Projects of 4000MWs each, give out 100 million tonnes of Carbon-dioxide annually, apart from heat and other Pollutants. About
10 to 12 ultra Mega Watt projects are planned in the next few years. Govt. wants to grow large number of trees to negate the effects of carbon-dioxide and global warming. Fine, but there is no way to mitigate the effects of Sulfur-dioxide, Nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases which could cause acid rains.)

            2. India’s Mine able coal reserves will last for just 40 years (KPMG report). Mine able coal reserves of all the countries will last for 40 years to 80 years.

(One question we have to ask ---- if all the mine able coal reserves of India are utilized, --- will atmosphere sustain ‘life’ on Earth? Definitely, the answer is ‘NO’. We have to ask, how soon, this atmosphere, be destroyed for ‘life’, if all the countries utilize their mine able coal reserves.)

            3. About eight million vehicles (big and small) are sold every year, in India alone. Throughout the world, many times this number is added to the already existing vehicles. Currently, eighty five(85) million barrels of oil is utilized, everyday. The world’s population is about six and a half billion,(and add to this, seventy three million by the end of each year). The per capita consumption of oil is, five (5) barrels, globally. For the US, it is 25 barrels (America happens to be the largest polluter of the World. California State alone utilizes sixteen billion gallons of oil annually). For India, the per capita consumption of the oil is one (1) barrel only(and that amounts to one and a quarter billion barrels annually),and there will be increase in demand for the oil consumption in the future. All this, pollutes the atmosphere continuously. Carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide, Sulfur-dioxide and other green-house gases and also heat, equivalent to several million Mega Watts (for the efficiency of the engines of the vehicles is less than 40%) is given out into the atmosphere and thus contribute continuously to the Pollution and Global warming.

            4. This World is losing, one and a half acres of the rain forests, every second-- i.e. one lac twenty nine thousand, six hundred acres a day. Plants alone, can ‘fix’ the Carbon-dioxide of the atmosphere and replenish the atmosphere with the Oxygen through the process of Photosynthesis. It is estimated that world-wide net tree loss accounts for 25% of the global Carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions. (The trees that are burnt, not only, no longer absorb carbon dioxide or replenish the atmosphere with the oxygen, but also, in the process of burning, they release more of the carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere). Adding to the dilemma is the fact, that almost half the world’s population depends on the firewood, for cooking and home heating.

            5. Global warming has a direct bearing on Climatic Science. Climatic Science has two phenomena occurring:

Positive feedback loops and

Negative feedback loops.

A Positive feedback loop occurs, when a small change leads to an even larger change of the same type. For example, --- a modest amount of warming melts ice in northern climates. But, the bare ground absorbs three times as much heat as the ground covered by snow or ice. So, the change amplifies the original warming. Thus, even more ice melts, more heat is absorbed, and the spiral grows.

Greenland’s ice sheet melted completely, that alone would raise the oceans by 23 feet. And, those glaciers are dumping much more water into the oceans, than they did a decade ago, according to two satellite surveys.

Positive feedback seems to be at work. As a glacier melts a little, the water trickles down to the rock and lubricates the glaciers to slide towards the sea. Because of this and other effects, some of the
Greenland’s glaciers are moving towards the sea at 7.5 miles a year.

Another Positive feedback loop is--- the Arctic permafrost may hold 14% of the world’s carbon, but as it melts, some of its Carbon-dioxide and Methane are released, adding to the amount of greenhouse gases. So, more permafrost melts.

In Climatic Science, Negative feedback loops could dampen change. For example--- warmer temperatures could mean, more snow over
Antarctica, implying an initial build-up of the Antarctic ice sheet. The added ice could slow Global Warming and rising sea levels. But a new study published in Science Express says that, the Antarctic ice sheet is already thinning significantly--- raising more alarms and casting doubt on that negative feedback loops. Negative feedback loops in Climatology are much less common than Positive loops, which amplify change and leave our climate both unstable and vulnerable to human folly.---(As reported in the article--"SCARY FACTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING", written by New York Times Reporter Nicholas D. Kristof.)

            6. Scientists say that, the amount of Carbon-dioxide that is right now present in the atmosphere, is sufficient to heat the World, for the next fifty years.

            7. Methane is a green-house gas, that is many times (said to be 21 times), more capable than Carbon-dioxide in trapping the heat. Thousands of Giga tonnes of Methane, equivalent to the total amount of coal in the world, lie deep within the oceans, in the frozen form of ice like solids called Methane hydrates. The big question is, whether Global warming thaws some of those Methane hydrates. If so, the Methane might be released as a gargantuan oceanic burp. Once in the atmosphere, that Methane would accelerate the Green-house effect and warm the earth and raise sea levels even more.---(As reported in the article--"THE BIG METHANE BURP AND APOCALYPSE" written by New york times Reporter Nicholas D. Kristof.)

This world (in spite of all the above assaults, on the nature), is still in equilibrium to sustain ‘life’. We may be fast approaching (may be, only a decade or less, from now), wherein, this equilibrium may be lost and a ‘run-away’ situation may arise, when nothing could be done to save the Earth.

Now is the time to note the above facts and save the earth.

It is my sincere hope that my technology for Power Generation through Ocean Waves

and combined allied technologies will replace Thermal Power Stations and Nuclear

Power Stations the World over.