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Ocean Energy---An infinitely abundant, eco-friendly source of power
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Why ocean wave energy?
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The following facts should be taken into consideration.       



(In a Nutshell)

       Scientists say that the amount of Carbon-dioxide that is right now present in the atmosphere, is sufficient to heat the world for the next 50 years.

       Global Warming is a very, very serious issue. In about 70 years from now (BBC News 2nd Nov.2004), Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle (BBC News 2nd Feb.2005), will lose, greater part of their ice and a number of islands would get submerged. It is said, that Manhattan would submerge by about 20 feet.

       Deforestation, Alarming increase in motor vehicles, Construction of newer thermal power stations based on coal, oil and gas are principally responsible for global warming.



          Coal based Thermal Power Stations of 1260MWs need about 28,000 Tonnes of Coal a day.

      Cost of the Coal per tonne, in our Country is over Rs.500/--, Transportation to some of the Power Stations is over Rs.700/-- per tonne. Cost of the imported Coal is twice this amount (i.e.over Rs.3000/--per tonne). The time lag for the transportation of the imported Coal is 3 months. A number of Thermal Power Stations maintain Coal stocks, taking great care to prevent accidental burn out (however, about 10% of the coal is lost, this way). Carbon-monoxide from the burning coal is extremely harmful to the health.

       Burning Coal releases, large quantities of Radio-active material directly into the air (in fact, a Thermal Power Station releases more  radio-active material than a Nuclear Power Station). This is a true health hazard for hundreds of kilometers around.

       American Statistics show that Coal based Thermal Power Stations, kill about 25,000 people a year, through soot in the air. In India, where the population density is more, no figures are available.

       Highly efficient Coal based Thermal Power Stations in India, are 35% efficient only. A 1260MW Thermal power station gives out, 3000MWs to 5000MWs of heat, directly into the atmosphere. Efficiencies of some of the Thermal Power Stations in our Country and the world over, are deplorable.

      Depending on the Efficiency of a Thermal Power Station,--9% to 20% or more of the Power Generated, is consumed within the Power Station itself.

       A 1260MW Thermal Power Station needs 1260 personnel to maintain.

       Gestation period, for the construction of a thermal power station is 3 to 5 years and the ‘life time’ is said to be 30 years.

     Coal ash needs large areas for dumping. Coal ash pollutes the water around, pollutes the fields, and destroys the health and environment. The real price that is being paid by men, women and children and animals and plants (for, they too are living like us), may never be calculated. 


Now, consider the following facts.




       A stretch of 15 kms. of Ocean, at depths of over 10 meters, has energy, equaling to 1500MWs to10,000MWs or more at some places.

       Availability factor, for Ocean Energy is, over 90%. Availability factor, for Wind Energy and Solar Energy is, just 20%to30% only.(However,for wind energy this factor could be improved 60% to 80%, with innovative techniques).

       Cost of the Ocean Energy Project, approximately, by my 'Power India Technologies' is, Rs.800,00,000/-to Rs.10,00,000/- a MegaWatt initially, and can possibly be reduced, (after, all the infrastructure that is needed for this kind of power generation is established), to less than the cost for thermal power  generation (i,e.Rs. 500,00,000/MW)     This in effect, will turn out to be the lowest cost, when compared to any other form of Power Generation, the World over, that produces power continuously, throughout the year. And, add to this--No recurrent fuel costs(fossil fuels with consequent pollution and global warming) and also the fact, that this kind of Power Generation is almost maintenance free (a 100MW ocean wave energy Power Station could possibly be run with a staff of two(2) to four(4) personnel).

        It is possible to run a single electric generator of 100MWs or more, with the ocean energy, obtained in a stretch of one kilometer or more.

     The following facts should be noted for the ocean energy technology, in contrast to thermal power generation.

  • Only Installation costs. No Land acquisition for the Construction of the Project. 
  • No Fuel costs.
  • No Transportation costs.
  • No Internal Power Consumption in the Plant.
  • No Pollution. No Global Warming.
  • No Radio-active fall-out.
  • No Fuel Stocks needed. No fear of accidental Fuel Burn-out. No carbon-monoxide poisoning.
  • No Effluents. No Land destruction.
  • No Health Hazards.
  • No Gestation Period. Power Generation starts from the very first unit and the life time depends on the civil construction of the project which could be over 100 years.