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    Dr.Pruthvi Raj Avadhuta, is professionally a medical doctor.  However, he got interested in power generation with non-conventional sources of energy.  He has studied the working of hydel power stations and coal based thermal power stations.  He has interacted with hundreds of engineers over a period of several years in both thermal and hydel power stations. 

    He is of the view that the nature gives out various forms of Renewable Energies, in quantities which mankind may never be able to estimate.  The Renewable Energies given out by the nature are for "free".  It is only the installation costs and almost nothing more than that.

   He is looking forward for a financial assistance,-- for a repayable loan (preferably from the Govt., on the same terms and conditions as is being given to other non-conventional sources of energy), to setup 1 MW ocean wave energy power station and expand it to 100 MWs i.e run a single electric generator of 100 MWs with the ocean waves.