Facts about ocean energy

Ocean Energy---An infinitely abundant, eco-friendly source of power
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Facts about ocean energy
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    We have seen the devastating effect of a few waves (tsunami waves) on 26-12-2004. But many, many, many times this energy is given out by God’s own great machine (formed by the Sun and the Moon) which propels to and fro, more than two-thirds of the earth’s water present in all the great oceans. God gives out this energy in a way that man can handle. Only a very small fraction of this energy is needed for the mankind.
    Regarding ocean wave energy, one estimate puts that with swells of 9 feet, there is the energy of 755MWs per Sq.Mile and with swells of 5 feet there is the energy of 242MWs per Sq.Mile.(It is possible to construct floating Power Units.
These floating Power Units are similar to the  units described in the Project Synopsis, except that, they are made to float using the Archimedes principle of buoyancy.It is the relative motion of the float, to the unit, that drives the turbine. Here too, hundreds or thousands of these units could be interconnected to run single electric Generators of over 100MWs(and possibilly up to 210MWs or more), and all the interconnected units towed to a place where the sea is rough.).

    Waves get their energy from the Wind. Wind comes from the Solar Energy. Waves gather, store and transmit this energy over thousands of kilometers with little loss. As long as the Sun shines, Wave Energy will never be depleted. It varies in intensity but it is available 24hours a day and 365days a year. And this energy can be tapped right on our shores. A 15kms stretch of Ocean Front could have Ocean Energy equivalent to thousands of Mega Watts.

    The largest oceanic current is the Circum-Antarctic Current which circles Antarctica. It transports over 100 times the flow of all the rivers in the world combined i.e 130 million cubic meters of water per second.